Letters from Heaven… Return to Sender!

Have you heard the news?

As of August, the United States Postal Service will no longer deliver mail on Saturdays.

The 1775 idea that began with Benjamin Franklin as its first Postmaster General evolved into the Pony Express in 1860.  By 1873, Americans were sending their first post cards within a city’s range, and by 1913, parcel post began.  In only 240 years, the ability to send a message has transformed from months, to days, to seconds.

Interestingly, my daughter who happens to be a “Digital Native” (generation born with technology as the norm), received a pink, hand-written card from her grandmother just this week.  Unlike e-mail and Instagram that allows for quick messaging, a hand-written letter cements a thought, a memory that can’t be deleted. Perhaps, that is why I keep every letter and card that I receive.  At any moment, I can revisit the past through the influential words from another’s pen, allowing me to see the reasons for choices that I have made.

As of August, does it matter if a letter arrives one day later?  How about 73 years late?–  Does it really make any difference?

(In the shocking story below, a letter is delivered 73 years late by the postal service, and it makes a significant difference!) —

Stockton, July 23 (THAINDIAN NEWS) A letter, which was written by a nun in the 1930’s, has finally been delivered after being in transit for 73 years. However, the intended recipient of the letter would not get to read the contents of the letter, as she is no more. She died last year.

The letter was written by a San Francisco nun to ‘Miss Marie Fergone’ and was delivered at the Women’s Center of San Joaquin County at 620 North San Joaquin Street in Stockton. 70 years ago this very address used to be the location of a convent. When the Women’s Center director – Joelle Gomez opened the letter, she was surprised to realize that the letter was dated December 23, 1937.

In the letter, the San Francisco nun has written to Marie, that she hopes that she would become a nun. However, the family of Marie revealed that Marie didn’t become a nun and instead she married and raised a family.”  (Reprinted)

There are times when even our best choices are not God‘s best for us as Proverbs 16:9 affirms:  “In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.”  The good news is that the same God who was in control in 1937 directing “Miss” Marie Fergone’s letter is still in control of our lives today.

Perhaps, I should send an e-mail to her family reminding them how blessed they eternally are; then again, maybe I’ll write a letter.

Blessings! –Michelle

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