Don’t Be Just Another School!

“What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?” – Mark 8:36

What does it profit a man if he educates the whole school, but loses sight of the goal?

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If I teach English, subjects and verbs, the conjugation of words, and require readings of Shakespeare, Homer, and more great writers, poets, and masterpiece orators, but I do not teach my students to read and analyze His word, then I am just an English teacher.

If I teach Math, equations and inequalities, and the measurements of geometric figures, to calculate speed and distance, circumferences and weights, but I do not teach my students the height of God’s love and the depth of His forgiveness, then I am just a math teacher.

 If I teach Science, conception, atoms and cells, the intricacy of organs and brain function while encouraging my students to reach for the stars; to magnify the galaxies, the earth and its orbit, but I do not teach them that happiness is a life revolved around Jesus, and that all life came from Him, then I am just a science teacher.

If I’m a coach, and I teach agility and coordination, speed and strength; preparation and hard work, perseverance through the valleys with a focus to win, but I do not teach humility through the peaks and a competitive integrity based in Him, then I am just a coach.

If I teach History, kings and rulers, memorizing the words of great influencers; studying the strategies of presidents and war generals to avoid repeating the past, but I do not teach that all history is His story, that it began and will finish in Him, and that my students were planned to eternally affect it, then I am just a history teacher.

If I teach a foreign language, words and meanings, Spanish and French, appreciating other cultures and the lands they represent, cultivating a passion for travel, to explore beyond what my students see, but I do not explain the need for understanding and speaking languages on the mission field, that barriers are broken when languages are spoken, then I am just a foreign language teacher.

If I teach Technology, laptops and iPads, streaming the latest videos and uploading text, equipping my students for podcasts and blogging, online and surfing, but I do not teach them that the tool was made for students, not students for the tool, and that technology is a God-inspired idea to evangelize His world, then I am just a technology teacher.

If I teach Music, rhythm and notes, recognizing the beauty of sound, leading my students to sing and play instruments before a crowd, but I do not teach them that music is a gift from God to be given back to Him as worship, then I am just a music teacher.

If I’m a counselor, college and career, listening to stories, hearing their fears, providing a safe place to shelter their tears, but I do not provide wisdom from His word, nor do I pray with my students believing their voices are heard, then I am just a counselor.

If I teach Art, lines and shapes, acrylics and oil, instructing my students to draw an abstract and paint with realism; sculpting objects to honor a memory, but I do not teach my students that creativity began with creation, and all that we see is God’s masterpiece, then I am just an art teacher.

If I’m a disciplinarian, rules and regulations, infractions and tardies, punishing students for rebelling against authority, but I do not balance correction with grace as God has gently corrected me, praying with students to stay on the righteous path, then I am just a disciplinarian.

If I teach Drama, characters and props, studying scripts and practicing lines, connecting my students to their deepest emotions, but I do not prompt them to be real in their faith, to witness fearlessly off the stage as they perform on it, then I am just a drama teacher.

If I’m an administrator, meetings and deadlines, parents and staff, envisioning tomorrow’s school with today’s resources, recruiting strong educators for academic growth, but I do not invite Jesus to every meeting, making Him the cornerstone of every decision framed in integrity, believing my title is greater than the King’s, then I am just an administrator.

If we are a school, hallways and lockers, cafeterias and water fountains, but we are not a path to salvation, nor a place of refuge and do not provide spiritual nourishment and living water, then we are just a school.

 Abortion, Same-sex marriage, Common Core, Drugs, Suicide, Bullying, Family Violence

We don’t need just another school! We need a generation of real change!

The time is now!     –Are You Doing Your Part?